Dark Company

The Light Giveth

The Company Taketh Away

The Speaker Has Come To Collect Your Soul

In a world on the brink of war and economic ruin, and evil company holds the power. Controlling resources and money, it prepares for the arrival of the Speaker, a demonic entity set on destroying the planet with dark energy. When 17 year-old DCCaddy begins a desperate search for her missing father, she is abducted into a secret society called the Dreamers – Light workers who “dream” to prevent the dark from taking over the world.

At the same time, Caddy’s classmate Meg is transformed into a magnificent Light being named Skylark. Together with a band of demon-hunting ethereals, Skylark pursues the Speaker to save humankind. But when she is poisoned by the Speaker’s black energy, the fate of the earth hangs in the balance, and the lives of Caddy and Skylark collide in a battle for life, love, and the human soul.

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