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is an award-winning journalist and author. Her work has
been critically acclaimed, garnering awards and recognition
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Natale Ghent is the second youngest of five children – four girls and a boy. As a child, she loved puppets, magic, science, and writing and illustrating stories. She loved to perform magic tricks and puppet shows for her family. She also liked to conduct experiments with a microscope, mostly involving paramecium and other microscopic creatures. But she really loved writing and illustrating stories, and spent many hours drawing and writing about characters she created. Her first endeavors involved a family of circles: a momma circle, who wore a fur stole, a papa circle, who wore a fedora, and a brother and sister circle. She also wrote stories about a hapless little fairy who was always getting into trouble.

Natale with her brothers and sisters

When she was six, her family moved to the country. They lived in a big, spooky old stone farmhouse and had horses and pets of all kinds. It was here that her love of horses blossomed. She spent many hours riding through pastures and farm fields with her sisters, exploring the countryside.

Natale with her dad

Natale earned her degree in English Literature at the University of Guelph. Her first novel, Piper, is about the bond between a young girl and her dog. Natale is the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of nine books, including No Small Thing, The Book of Living and Dying, All the Way Home, The Odds Get Even, Gravity Brings Me Down, Against All Odds, Millhouse, and Dark Company.

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  • natale says:

    Hmmmm that’s strange. Where did you get it?

  • Ne says:

    Pls email me I bought a copy of your book no small things and all the page numbers are out of order and mixed up and it’s quite confusing

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  • natale says:

    Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful email, Morgan. You have a very good understanding of the story and, it’s clear that you really grasped the meaning and sentiment of the story. It’s encouraging and heartwarming to receive such letters.

    Thank you again and very best wishes to you.


  • Morgan Phippen says:

    Dear Ms. Ghent,

    When I read your book, No Small Thing, I realized that poverty is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with in this world and not everyone can overcome it. It is worst for children, I think, who have so little control over what happens in their families. That’s why your main characters really spoke to me. Cid, Queenie, and Nat are very hard working kids who can manage to navigate poverty and family strife and persevere to make their own dream work. I love how they overcome test after test and they still take care of their horse. Even when Queenie got hurt they persevered through it all. When I found out that the kids had to pay for everything themselves I was very impressed by their drive to keep Smokey despite it all. I have a horse, and your book really made me question my own devotion. Could I do what Nat did? I hope so, but I wonder.

    Since reading your book, I have found out that one of my friends who seemed to have a happy family, had her dad leave them just like Nat’s family. In your book, after the dad left, Nat’s family didn’t have a lot of money. This also happened to my friend. Now looking back I have even more sympathy for Nat when he thought he saw his dad in the car but it was just a man who looked like his dad. “I can’t make him out, but i’m pretty sure it’s Dad. I haven’t laid eyes on him in years. There’s a blonde women in the seat next to him and a small child in the back seat.” When he realizes that he is not his dad and he may never see his dad again he keeps fighting for Smokey no matter what.

    Perhaps he can’t leave another being he loves? For example, when the barn burns down and Smokey is still alive they still find a barn and work as hard as possible to keep him. This story made me believe that, even though I am only thirteen, I probably have more power and control in my life then I think. Once again thank you so much for this amazing book. It was such an inspiring story.

    Morgan Phippen

  • natale says:

    You are so welcome, Tyler! 🙂

  • Tyler says:

    just got the autographed bookplate thank you sooooooo much

  • natale says:

    Okay, got it! 🙂

  • Tyler says:

    and my last name is

  • natale says:

    Hi Tyler!

    Thank you for your email! My birthday is December 8th 🙂

    I can send you an autographed book plate, no problem! Then you can affix it to any book you like. What address should I send it to?

    Good luck on your book project!


  • Tyler says:

    dear natale i was wondering if u could send me an autographed book of the book (the book of living and dieing) and can u tell me when your birthday is for my book report or is that to much info for u to give out

  • natale says:

    Thanks, Joe! I see now that you wrote the email 😉

  • natale says:

    Hi Pat!

    Thank you for the nice note! I will send a bookplate your way!


  • Pat Slert says:

    My wife and I are big fans and love your writing. You’re great! We would very much like to have an autographed bookplate or picture if possible. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Joe & Pat Slert

  • natale says:

    Hi, Emily! I just saw your message now! Thank you so much for the lovely note! I’m so happy you loved The Odds Get Even!

    I got the idea from my sister’s experience when she was young. She had a bully. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if kids used science and their creativity to solve the problem.

    Thanks again for writing!!


  • natale says:

    Hello from Canada!

    Thank you for the lovely note. I’m thrilled that you and your son liked the story!

    Best wishes!

  • aline says:

    hi, eierschlacht mit furzkanone became imediately the favourite book of my 6 year old son…and i love it too! we borrowed it from the local library! GREETS FROM GERMANY!

  • Emily says:

    I loved the book THE ODDS GET EVEN!!!!!!!!! IT IS AMAZING! How did you come up with the idea in that book?

  • roshni says:

    awesome! ill look it up in the library

  • natale says:

    Hi, Roshni,

    Well, there is a sequel to No Small Thing that you may like. It’s called All The Way Home. I also wrote Piper (about a dog) and The Odds books (about three kids). The others are teen novels. 🙂

  • roshni says:

    dear natale,what other kind of books do you write? ive read only one (no small thing)and i love it!!!!!!

  • natale says:

    Heyyyyy thank you, that is so cool 😀

  • roshni says:

    i saw the book in my school library and i dont think anyone read it
    it is my favorite book!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • roshni says:

    Dear Ghent Natale,
    Im obsessed with your book No Small Thing
    i read it at least 9 times!!!
    im 9 years old and im in 4rth grade
    Hope you will read my letter

  • natale says:

    Sorry, I just saw this! Hope you did ok on your project! 😛

  • natale says:

    Thanks, Avneet!! 😀

  • Avneet says:


  • Natalie says:

    Dear Natale Ghent,

    I read Gravity Brings Me Down for my school project this semester (read it over about three times) and it was absolutely amazing! I really like your style of writing. I need to do a sort of biography on you as part of the project, so if you have the time could you perhaps tell me your birthday? I couldn’t find a lot of info on your biography, your website’s the best by far.

    Thanks 🙂

  • natale says:

    Wow, thanks so much, Sierra. I’m so happy you liked them. 🙂

  • Sierra says:

    Im a 14 year old girl and the books No Small thing and All The way home are lovely ! i’ve read them both over atleast 4 times each.

  • melissa says:

    hi, im in 7th grade and im 13. i just finished reading “no small thing” for my book report which i present on monday. this book was terrific. im upsessed with horses so this book was the best. i also do horseback riding too………….anyway please write back. also, when was this book written(its for my book report) thanks!!!!

  • melissa says:

    hi this is melissa again. i was just wondering when was the book “no small thing” written? (its for my book report)

  • melissa says:


  • natale says:

    Yes, I am 🙂
    So glad you liked the book!

  • kim says:

    You are the author of No Small Thing, right? I love horses and that was the best book I have ever read!!!!! 🙂

  • julia says:

    i am in grade 7 and 11 years old and love the book and love the book

  • natale says:

    Hi Michaela,

    I’m thrilled that your daughter chose my book for her presentation. My fingers are crossed! 🙂
    Let me know how it goes!

  • Michaela says:

    Hi Natale,

    I´m sure you will be happy to hear my daughter will be do tomorrow a presentation of “Life sucks” and of course of you. It´s impossible to find any details of you and the book in german language. So I´m proud she nevertheless want to make the presentation of THIS book. Keep the fingers crossed for her. (:o)

  • natale says:


    I live in Canada. Good luck on your report!

  • diane says:

    i am 11 and i love your books my teacher told me to write a book report and in one of my questions is where do you live now days

  • natale says:

    Hi Adriyanna,
    I’m so happy you loved No Small Thing!
    I will be at the White Pine celebration this year for Gravity. Come over and say hi!
    My last name is pronounced with a hard “g” as in “get” – but with an “n” 🙂

  • Adriyanna says:

    Dear Ms. Ghent

    I was just wondering whether you were attending the forest of reading celebration on May 11 2011 at Harbour front. I read No Small Thing and loved it and I am reading Gravity brings me down. So far I am enjoying it. I was also wondering how you pronounce your last name? I haven’t always been sure on how.

    Sincerely, Adriyanna Zimmermann

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