Hello from the outside

October 19th, 2017 Comments Off on Hello from the outside

It’s been a very busy year. I can’t ever remember being so busy. But what have I done? Mostly, this has been a year of tying up loose ends. And much has been secured — so much so, that it feels as if I’ve done a total wipe and reboot. Yet what do I have to show for it? Very little it seems. But a quick look below the surface reveals a strong foundation for a better year ahead.

I’m looking forward to a more peaceful 2018, although I don’t want to be hasty. For now, I’m taking each day as it comes. No predictions, no expectations.

I am working on a new project but it’s taking its time. It’s big and a bit cumbersome at this point. I’m still circling around it, trying to grasp its scope. I have to accept that there’s no hurrying this, so I have no choice but to take a Treebeard approach: “It is a lovely language, but it takes a very long time to say anything in it.” Aye.

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