To sleep…to dream of Auriel

August 5th, 2015 § 1 comment

Last night I had the most potent dream. I dreamt a shadowy demon crept into my room and set upon me as I slept. I fought with all my strength, the demon growling as it tried to overpower me. With sheer strength of will I managed to fend the monster off and it fled.

Then I saw an image, as clear as if it were a photo in front of me. It was a powerful being – a beautiful, otherworldly man – sitting on a plain throne-like chair, a sword held loosely in one hand, a gold light shining all around him. He was tall with short blond hair, all sinew and muscle, but not bulky. He wore leggings of some kind, and a tight shirt of silver and black, no wings. He looked out at me, confident, strong. When I asked who he was he showed me the name AURIEL in big gold letters above him. It was as though  the cover of a fantasy novel or unique tarot card had come to life.

I’d never heard the name Auriel before and I didn’t know what it all meant. As a lark, I googled the name when I got up and was surprised to see that Auriel (also known as Uriel or Oriel) is the fourth archangel whose name means “the light of God.” He is known as the angel of repentance who watches over thunder and terror, and is often depicted as being as “pitiless as any demon.” He accompanies archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, ruling the earth at the end of days. He is also known as the patron saint of the arts and is called upon for answers, insights and ideas. He rules the mental plane and assists in the shift of universal consciousness. He is even known to help students with exams.

I went on to discover that Auriel/Uriel has been referenced in many books and movies, none of which I’ve read or seen. It seems rather odd to me now but I’ve never done any deep reading of angelology. Simply put, I don’t know angels outside of the most fundamental of fundamentals, like Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and only in a limited sense. In my book, Dark Company, I deal in cosmic light beings. But they are not angels in the way most people imagine them to be. So how is it that I dreamt of an entityAuriel that is completely unknown to me?

I was more than surprised to say the least. What a strange dream with a strange encounter and an even stranger outcome. What did it all mean? Am I supposed to write this character into a novel? Is he to be my new muse? Why did he come to me at this time?

My husband considers it a kind of conversion, and I can’t help but feel he’s right. I am compelled to find out more; the experience has pushed me in a new direction. Maybe he appeared to me with an unspoken message, or at least one that I can’t remember at this time.

Whatever the reason for my introduction to Auriel, it was a rich and evocative experience that I will never forget, the deeper meaning I hope someday to discover.

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