Far and away

December 7th, 2011 Comments Off

At the cabin it’s hard to be angry or overly concerned about the things that occupy us in the city. The sound of coyotes yipping at the stars, or owls hooting through the forest at night is just about all we need to feel satisfied. That, and water for our hot tub. We don’t have a well so water is always on our minds.

We have a large pond system on our land but we leave that to the frogs and ducks in the summer and the lemon-sized tadpoles in the winter. It’s silty and deliciously dark, but not suitable for bathing. Instead, we go to the lake down the road and rustle water in big blue jugs. It takes about four trips to secure enough water to fill the hot tub. Brian braves the ice and freezing water temperature while I ferry jugs back and forth in the car. It’s not an easy task but so worth the effort. Especially at night when the stars and moon grace us with a show. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the steam off the water in the tub, or find your glass of wine in the dark, but we do our best. 

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