It’s official! Life Sucks!

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Life Sucks, The German translation of Gravity is IN MY HANDS! It’s perfect in its pinkness! The production quality is wonderful. The publisher, Oetinger, hired a German artist to do the illustrations. I really like them. Hurray!Now, if only my German were better…

Blog…? What blog?

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Yes, dear readers, I am alive. I know many of you have been wondering. But I assure you, I still breathe. Barely. It’s just…I’ve been insanely busy. No, no, not busy…I’ve been asked to participate in a test-flight to Mars…yes, that’s it… Okay, I have no excuse. My real problem is that my blog spot will no longer let me post photos with my blogs. Something to do with a glitch in the system. How can I be expected to get excited about a blog when there are no accompanying visuals? I just can’t. *sniff* Pity me!! Thank you. Okay, so…we just returned from the cabin. I brought my laptop because I was all gung-ho, convinced I could actually get some work done on our weekend away. Who was I kidding? No one. Not even myself. When we arrived at the cabin, I quickly realized I’d left my pen-drive on my desk. Hurray! I mean…Arrggh! Well, there was nothing to be done for it but read all weekend by the fire. I had no choice. I know most of you are fed up with the snow and ice and bitter cold. How could you not be? But believe me when I tell you that a warm cabin, some cognac and a good book can change the way you feel about winter – almost immediately. I felt benevolent as the flakes whirled outside my window. Back in the city. Where am I supposed to park my car?? And the house feels cold compared to the cabin. Find that hard to believe? Do the math: wood is free; gas is not. I have no problem throwing another log on the fire. It’s painless. But don’t let me catch you at the thermostat! You get the picture. So here I sit, blogging at 2 my cold-ish office, no fire to lull me to sleep. I guess I have no choice but to post this and crawl off to bed… G’night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite and all that. I promise to be more prolific with the blogs in the future…yeah… 😉

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