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Starting in August, I will be drawing names for free books!! The winner gets to decide which one of my books they’d like. To participate, just join my facebook page and I’ll enter your name in the hat. If you don’t have facebook, send me an email through this website (
Stay tuned!!

A Mysterious Visitor

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We arrived at the cabin with couch in tow at midnight, Friday night. Having the use of a truck to carry said couch was an incredible luxury. We can thank our neighbour for his kindness and generosity on that one. The use of his truck for babysitting his cat. Sweet.

We’ve been talking about a couch for the cabin for over four years and finally made it a reality. How would we get it there? We were so excited about it that we just had to unwrap it and set it up right away, despite the time. After moving it here and there as we decided on the perfect spot, it was about 1:00 a.m. I was exhausted and had to climb into bed.

I was happily nestling in when Brian exclaimed, “You have to come and see this! There’s a huge moth on the backdoor window.”

I opened one eye and looked at him with suspicion, then thew the covers to one side. “This had better be worth it.”

Now, that was the tiredness speaking because I’m the first one to jump at the chance to see just about anything in nature. Brian assured me it would be worth my while.

And it was.

There, staring back at us, was the biggest, most beautiful luna moth. It was huge – easily the size of my hand – its lime-green wings and white body glowing ethereally in the light from Brian’s headlamp. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The moth fluttered from the glass, making several furtive attempts to become one with the light, its wings tapping erratically against the window before it disappeared into the darkness and was gone.

Brian and I stood there awestruck, convinced we had been contacted by some mythical creature, determined to impart some message of great significance. And it did.

It told us that seeing a luna moth is a blessed thing and showed us how fragile and essential nature is, how delicately balanced the world must be to give birth to a creature so ephemeral, it only assumes its adult form for seven short days on this earth.

We felt like we’d witnessed a miracle in this nocturnal visitor, and truly we had. It reminded us that our efforts to live as respectfully and mindfully as possible on this magnificent planet are so important. That, more than anything, was the biggest gift of all.

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