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The garden is in full spring regalia right now. The wisteria is blazing with the myosotis fawning at its feet and the Canada anemone dancing in the wings. I love this time of year!

But the most incredible thing of all was hearing a wood thrush flute away in the canopy over my head as the bumbles droned and pushed into the flower blossoms. Nature is flourishing in the City!

Diving Bell

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It’s been a while, dear readers, since I’ve posted an entry in my blog. So much has been happening! There have been many school and library visits, festivals and workshops. The Silver Birch Festival is only two days away!

Life as a writer is both exciting and mundane all at once.

There is the day-to-day challenge of getting the words down, the unfurling and trimming of sails as I roll out upon a sea of ideas and characters and plot lines.

And then the fast-paced excitement of sailing into port, with events and award ceremonies and presentations where you actually get to meet real live readers who may have even read your book! And the fuzzy pleasure of award nominations and interactions with editors and agents…


Sometimes I find it difficult to surface from the weedy depths of my writing thoughts and interact like a real person with other real people in real time. When I’m writing, the process takes me deep, and the quick canter of spoken language and face-to-face communication eludes me as I slowly move within my creative diving bell. It’s an act of faith to believe that words have sounds outside the muted resonance of my mind’s ear. Is anybody up there working the machine? Will I even know how to reach the surface once the writing is done? Will someone reel me in? Will I get the bends?

But I love that liquid world and miss it terribly when I spend too much time on dry land. I’m counting the days until I can sink beneath the surface again…

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