Hot Off The Press!

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The Odds Get Even has been shortlisted for the Silver Birch Award. The awards take place in May of 2010. Fingers crossed!

Wild Bill

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I swore I wouldn’t get another cat for a very long time. Well, that was before I met Bill.

Bill was a stray who showed up one day in the park. There had been sightings for a week or so, people running up and saying they’d seen this beautiful cat roaming through the park. Then one day, Bill appeared, sitting like a regal lion on the lawn of the training centre. I noticed him immediately because he was so calm and beautiful, despite the people milling all around.

Later that day, I was flagged down by a friend who said he wanted me to see something. It was the same cat I’d seen earlier, only this time he was in a small carrier. Animal Services had been called and he would be dispatched to a cage and no doubt forgotten. I couldn’t let this happen.

I phoned my husband who is very soft hearted. When I told him about the cat, he agreed that we should take him home until his owner could be found. I took the cat to the vet who pronounced him healthy and fit. On the drive home, the cat told me his name was Bill.

That night on the couch, Bill curled up next to me, purring as I stroked him. “You’re not so wild, Bill,” I said. And it stuck.

Three weeks later, we can’t imagine a time when Bill wasn’t here. There’s nothing like a cat to make a house a home.

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