The birth of Rawpple

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My friend Kristina is cooking for a group of people on retreat. She asked if I could whip up some baked goods to augment her meals with these two conditions: everything has to be gluten and sugar free(!)

Now, baked goods without gluten is easy-peasy. I can do that with my eyes closed. But no sugar?? That lovely sweet rush is the only reason why I eat baked goods…

Given these strident parameters, I found myself wandering into the world of raw. Oh, I’m familiar with that landscape: I go 100% raw after my spring fast every year. But I usually allow myself to indulge in lots of honey and maple syrup and agave. But in Kristina’s world, I was only allowed to use a tiny amount of sweet stuff for this particular baking challenge. What to do?

Poring over my recipe books, I decided to make raw macaroons (I can’t tell you how good these are. I have to monitor Brian to make sure he isn’t sneaking them from the fridge!)almond and lemon cookies (not nearly as exotic but should satisfy hardcore eaters) and raw apple pie.

Let me tell you about raw apple pie. It’s one of the most delicious raw desserts you can imagine. It practically jumps off the fork, the flavour of lemon and cinnamon and fresh apples dancing in your mouth. And it’s beautiful to behold.

So now…Behold the birth of Rawpple!

The frost is on the vine

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This is the time of year when I want to stay up at the cabin. The biting flies are gone and even the mosquitoes don’t have the heart to really harass you. The fire burns that much brighter as the earth sighs and prepares for the cold. Geese start their yearly test flights and nature gives that one last abundant push before retiring for the year.

We were sure the berries would have ripened and been consumed by now. But this weekend when we arrived at the cabin, the bushes were still groaning with the weight of their fruit. Another week or two and the berries will be gone. We collected a handful of the ripest and ate them standing in the clearing. They were seedy and sourly sweet, and oh-so-delicious.

Last year, we had to fight the mosquitoes to pick a bowl. This year, with the summer having been so cold, the berries are ripening much later, and consequently, we could pick with abandon. But alas, the majority will ripen when we are back in the city. More for the birds and furry creatures!

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