Girl with attitude

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Here’s another drawing from the book. You’ll have to read it to find out who this girl is and why she’s carrying an ax!

One little flower

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This is my friend Cathy’s foot. She used one of the illustrations from my new novel, Gravity Brings Me Down, as the template for her tattoo. Let me explain how the drawing came to be…

I was living in a very small house – no bigger than a potting shed, really. I was renovating the house bit by bit and Cathy would come by to check up on my progress. On one particularly difficult day, she came by, looked around and suggested I get one little flower to brighten my spirits. We laughed very hard, because it pretty much sums up her personal philosophy: that the sight of one little flower is enough to keep you going, no matter how bad things seem. The idea was so ridiculous and charming, I couldn’t help but be inspired by it. Today, almost ten years later, one little flower endures as our shared symbol of hope. It only seemed fitting, then, that this should be included in Gravity.

So, how does your flower grow?

Gravity Brings Me Down

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Natale’s newest teen novel has arrived! Gravity Brings Me Down is freshly minted and will hit bookstore shelves August 25th!

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