The dinner that went way wrong

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It started with a bag of Yukon gold potatoes. Brian chopped them and put them in the pot, then went out to get cream. When I came downstairs and opened the pot, I felt like Sam I Am. The potatoes were GREEN!!

Now, my mother always told me, never eat green potatoes. Potatoes are in the nightshade family and that green tinge is the same toxin found in those seductive red berries found growing in alleyways everywhere. They be POISON! A quick check online revealed that you’d have to eat many green potatoes to die, but my mother told me not to eat ’em so I wasn’t gonna do it. Dinner #1. Kiboshed.

The problem was, Brian prepared the potatoes in the dark. He couldn’t tell they were green. That’s just one of the hazards of being a vampire, kids.

But the real problem was, what to have for dinner??

My solution: a lovely pizza from Pizza Nova.

I like mine with goat cheese, onion and portobello mushrooms on a gluten-free crust.

To make amends for the green potatoes, Brian ordered the pizza and even went out on his own to get it. When he came back, we settled in to eat in front of telly, American Splendor in the dvd player.

Now, there was a suspicious smell of scallops in the air. I sniffed my pizza. The smell was coming from the box. Brian assured me that portobellos smell like seafood. I was skeptical but I selected a lovely slice all the same. Taking a big bite, I was horrified to discover a funky kind of taste. Something wasn’t right with my za!

But I pushed on, eating two and half funky pieces before throwing in the towel. There was something wrong with the mushrooms. Brian sniffed and tasted, declaring the mushrooms “off.” A call to Pizza Nova was placed and a new pizza was procured. Meanwhile, I was starting to feel sick. Brian convinced me that I wouldn’t die – couldn’t possibly expire from mushrooms that are “off.”

I beg to differ, dear reader. In fact, as I write this, my head is starting to throb. I’m worried I won’t make it through the night. In fact, I may not make it to the end of this post…

cherries jubilee!

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This has been a good year for fruit so far. But never have I seen the kind of sweet cherry delight we are experiencing this summer. Organic cherries, $1.69 a pound! It’s a bumper crop!

We had no choice but to buy mountains of them and turn them into all sorts of goodies: cherry pie, cherry brandy, Parisian-style cherry jam with almond, and even dehydrated cherries for munching on the road. In case you haven’t guessed, cherry is one of my favourite flavours. Mmmmmm…..

waiting for the hummingbird moth

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Last year I decided not to be fussy and let some milkweed grow in my garden. It was our first summer in the house and I was feeling magnanimous. I knew the butterflies would like it. But I had no idea what magnificent and mythical visitors the milkweed would attract.

My gardening friends were horrified. How could I let such hoodlums take over my yard? My friend Akka came by to help out and politely asked if she could reign in the weeds. I offered tobacco to the plants and she yanked many of them, herding the rest into an orderly group.

One sultry evening later, my husband and I were dining alfresco when the most incredible guest arrived. It was black with white bands around its “feet” and I stared in absolute disbelief as this mysterious being hovered and flitted from flower to flower in the milkweed.

My husband saw the look on my face and quickly turned in his chair to see what had me enthralled.

“Is it a hummingbird?” I asked.

“No, I think it’s a hummingbird moth.”

“What? No, it can’t be a moth. Look how it flies.”

“But look at its proboscis (his exact word). I’ve read about these things. They’re quite incredible.”

Now, after so many years of being together, I should know better than to question my husband when he says he’s read about something. The information goes immediately into the vault and stays there, perfectly preserved and waiting for that very moment when he’ll need it. Like whenever we play trivial pursuit. But this time, I truly couldn’t believe my eyes. This moth was otherworldly!

We watched in open-mouthed wonder as the moth flitted here and there with the dexterity of the most elegant ruby throat, and then, with very little fanfare, buzzed away. I checked my watch. This tiny angel had graced us with its presence for ten minutes!

This year, I allowed another clump of milkweed to grow. Brian read that hummingbird moths like to visit the same locations every year. The milkweed waits patiently for our visitor to arrive. And in the meantime, I’m lighting candles and hanging bells for the fairies…

Shakespeare and Company

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I want to stay at Shakespeare and Company, the famous book store in the heart of Paris on the Left Bank, opposite Notre-Dame and haunted by the likes of Hemingway and Simone de Beauvoir. I want to scribble in a corner and sleep in one of the little beds, absorbing all the history and literary dust. I want to be invited to their festival and spend lots of time hanging out and drinking coffee and smoking strong cigarettes with other writers and people who love words. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied looking at pictures and sighing over my cereal.

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