The Bounty

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I can’t believe we are harvesting delicacies from the garden already. What was once a pile of rubble, is now a lovely vegetable garden. And look what grows there! Ruby red radishes, sweet basil, luminous Swiss chard – and garlic scapes – so spicy good! What a feast we had! And there’s more to come…

Sammy Snake

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Sammy snake is sleeping,
he’s curled up on the ground.
Can you sleep like Sammy Snake
and make his little sound?

Can you see him?

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This little guy hopped out of harm’s way as I was clearing the scrap wood pile next to Mordor, the burnout barrel. I’m amazed how many toads and frogs there are out there this year! But what amazed me even more is how perfectly this little guy blends with his environment. So beautiful.

Summer Visitors

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Every year, a new plant personality arrives at the property like the honoured guest at a fabulous summer ball. This year, it’s Hawkweed.

How I love the sunny face of this plant. There are literally thousands of variations on the Hawkweed theme, but my favourites are the yellow and and orange varieties that spring up on lawns and dance on roadsides across Ontario. Hawkweed is such a friendly flower.

Yes, yes, I’m aware that some consider it a nuisance. But for those of us who embrace this jubilant summer guest we know the party is that much brighter for its presence.

Will it come back next year? Our visitors rarely do – at least not with the grand showing of their first arrival. Mysteriously, magically, the plants make way for the next guest, moving politely to the periphery. Last year we were blessed with Heal All. The year before, Blue-eyed Grass. Before that, Mullein. Who will come next year, I wonder…?

The Fence

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Is it possible that our new fence makes the yard look bigger? It has to be! Maybe it functions under the same principle as the curtain rule: long curtains make a window and the room it’s in look bigger. In any case, we’re so happy with the new fence!

We haven’t finished the final two panels because we need room to swing a hammer while we build the shed. Once the shed is up, we’ll install the last of the fence.

But on to other things: we just acquired vintage Austrian folding bikes! Brian and I have been wanting folding bikes for a very long time. When we saw a mated pair on Craig’s list, vintage 1968 with one owner and in mint condition, we had to take the plunge. They’re to be delivered on Sunday, just before Brian’s 7:15 a.m. start time for the Becel Ride. No, he won’t be riding the folder in the ride, but we just might go for a spin afterward.

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