the best popcorn on the planet

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After years of relentless searching, I finally found it: the best little popcorn on the planet. It’s fluffy and lovely and oh-so-tasty.

It pops completely, leaving very few stragglers in the bottom of the pan. It’s crunchy and corny and here’s the incredible part: it stays crunchy and corny even if you fall asleep in front of the TV and leave it in the bowl overnight! No more stale corn in the morning! You can just wake up and pick up where you left off. And it’s 100% organic, from non GMO corn. I know – ’cause I called the company.

Who makes this miracle of organic goodness?

Eden Organic. That’s the brand to look for. I guarantee it’ll rock your popcorn socks off. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and see.

little fluffster

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Awwww….is there anything as dear as a little chick? I don’t think so.

Okay, maybe a kitten.

I like otters, too. And pizza.

But you can’t hug a pizza. You can just eat it. But don’t eat the chick. That’s not nice.

legs like a chicken

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I’ve been happily ensconced in my office, drawing illustrations for my new book and watching the snow decorate the city. I’ve never been happier in my life.

Now, if only the water heater can maintain its course. I haven’t had a decent shower since moving into our new house. The water always runs cold and I’m left wanting. On top of that, we have a tiny bathtub – more of a small trough, really. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good soak.

After complaining to my husband that the water heater seems to be on its last leg, I noticed that the water was suddenly scalding hot when I went to do the dishes. Seems he turned the temperature down when we first moved in and subsequently turned it back up after I expressed my desire for a tankless heater. It turns out tankless heaters are far more expensive in the immediate than turning the thermostat up on the old gas guzzler in the long term. Yeah.

The Outhouse

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We’re so happy with the outhouse. There’s still a little to do, like the fascia and some interior work such as hanging the antique medicine cabinet. But overall, we are very satisfied. Sounds silly, I know. It’s only an outhouse. But when the temperature and the sun begin to dip, it’s comforting to know that solid little building is out there, keeping the night and its mysteries at bay.

The Bed

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I always feel that we don’t do enough when we go to the cabin – that the woods and the pond and the rest of the great outdoors compete for our attention, leaving us less than enthusiastic to swing a hammer. But in retrospect, I’m wrong. We’ve accomplished so much. And now we have a bed. A beautiful, comfortable bed, built in, just like I’ve always dreamed of.

It didn’t really take that long to build: about four hours of careful work. And the results are wonderful. At last, we’re above floor level and cozy, the heat from the wood stove warming the air beneath us.

When we cleared the area to begin building, I had to peel the mattress from the floor where we’d been sleeping. The mattress acted as insulation, trapping the condensation from our body heat against the frigid floor. Ice crystals had formed, freezing the mattress to the wood.

Now we’re much higher and far more comfortable. And the cabin looks completely different from our bed’s eye view. I can actually look out the window without having to stand. Now, when I wake up on a clear night, I can see the stars.

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