At last…

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After seven years of talking about an outhouse, we finally did it. Why did it take us so long? Well, several reasons: we had other more pressing things to build, like a shed; we couldn’t find the right spot; most of our land sits on bedrock, which doesn’t make for easy digging.

But we did eventually find the right spot. After cleaning up the pile of construction refuse that had been building up for seven years, the perfect spot made itself available. Seven years it took us to clean that pile and seven years we waited for the right spot to build an outhouse. Go figure.

Frog rescue 911!

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After digging the hole for the outhouse, we discovered something about amphibians we never knew before: frogs find deep holes in the earth irresistible. Not just one or two types of frog – but every type of frog we’ve got: tree frogs, brown frogs, leopard frogs, bullfrogs – you name it.

Determined not to abandon our froggie friends to such a horrible fate, we decided to excavate them from the hole.

But first, we would need a tool.

In a fit of creative genius, Brian nailed an old yogurt tub to a piece of one by two strapping. Brilliant! Except the tub twisted around on the end of the stick. We secured it with another nail and voila! The Froggie Saving Device was born.

Back at the hole, Brian held the light while I manned the device. Our first catch: a giant bullfrog. Thankfully, he didn’t put up much of a fight, but simply closed his eyes and succumbed, which is a very good thing, considering he was bigger than the yogurt tub. After snaring the frog, we took him to the pond. The second he hit the water, he dug into the mud.

The next frog was not so compliant. He jumped all over, and even tried to leap from the tub as I raised the stick from the hole. The frog rescue quickly became a frog rodeo!

Seven frogs later, the hole was finally clean. Yogurt covered frog, anyone?

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