Mount Albert Public School

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I had an absolute blast with the students and teachers at Mount Albert Public School this week. They gave me flowers and made a big poster, then presented me with a beautiful album full of pictures and blurbs from the students reading No Small Thing. I’ll cherish it forever! Special thanks to Maria and Anna for their kindness and amazing organizational talents! It was a school visit I won’t soon forget!

Turtle X-ing

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So, we zoomed up to the cabin after a long week of city work. We didn’t arrive until well after midnight. It was country dark out there in the woods and the mosquitoes were waiting. But we were so happy we made the effort!

It rained all night, with lightening and thunder but we were snug as two bugs in our little nest. In the morning we discovered the phoebes had made their own nest on the ledge of the new mudroom. There are three little eggs inside.

We also discovered another nest on the ledge of the woodshed. We thought it had been built and abandoned, but when I reached into the nest, I felt a fuzzy little nugget beneath my fingers. There were three babies in the second nest! We think one of the babies from last year returned to raise her own. So we have two sets of phoebes now. Who knows how many there will be next year!

But the big excitement was seeing a painted turtle lay her eggs in the lane leading to the cabin. We were returning with wood for the mudroom when we saw a very large turtle kicking up sand in the drive. What a surprise to find she’d placed three perfect eggs in the hole she’d dug.

When we went back to check on her, she was gone without a trace. The hole had been perfectly disguised. If we hadn’t caught her in the act, we would have never been the wiser. Was she the same turtle from the year before?

As we made dinner that evening, we felt so happy that these beautiful creatures feel so safe in our little woods. It comforts us to know they want to return, just like we do.

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