Oh, the back door…

May 9th, 2008 § Comments Off on Oh, the back door… § permalink

So, while Brian worked on shingling the mudroom roof, I stripped an old pine door we found on the street (hey, one man’s garbage…), then used the circular saw to cut the proper opening in the barn board on the back of the cabin so I could install the newly-stripped door. We’ve been warehousing that door for years and it was intoxicating to think we were actually ready to hinge it up.

You wouldn’t believe a little door (and I ain’t kiddin’ when I say little – Brian looks like the friendly giant when he stands in front of it) would make a big difference but it does, oh, it does.

The window lets in so much light and having the door there instead of an old piece of chipboard makes the cabin look completely different. We’re absolutely giddy with possibilities. We have places to go, as my friend Akka once said. We can build a lovely screened room out back – maybe even an indoor privy!Brian wants to put plumbing and solar battery packs and foodstuffs and old coats, and mops and brooms back there. I just want a rocking chair and small table to rest my coffee cup…

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