Earth Hour

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Hey, everyone, don’t forget to turn out your lights this Saturday, March 29th from 8 pm to 9 pm for Earth Hour. This simple act says so much about how we feel about the planet. And it saves an incredible amount of energy.

Heck, even McDonald’s is jumping on the bandwagon and turning off their golden arches for the duration of the hour. Just shows how powerful public opinion is. Your vote really does count! Because it’s so easy to choose to spend your hard-earned dollars somewhere else…like the local health food store…or the independent operator who’s environmentally conscientious…like Fresh in Toronto…or the Cornerstone in Guelph…to name a few…

Happy Earth Day!!

Cheeky monkey!

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I did it…I bought an eee pc.

It’s my daughter’s fault, really. She needed things at the computer store and called for a ride.

“I’ve done some research on the monkey pc’s, Mom,” she said. “I know exactly what you need. I’ve got it all written down. Oh yeah, and I need some stuff too. Maybe we could go to the store together?”

She told me I was going to love this little pc, that it would do everything I want and I wouldn’t have to program it or anything. It would be much better than the Compaq laptop I paid a lot of money for, only to hate it the second I bought it because it was heavy and not at all portable and needed a lot of tweaking to do what I wanted it to do – only to have it die a horrible death a month after the warranty ran out, despite the fact that I’d treated it with extra special kid gloves.

From the second I pulled the monkey out of the box, I was in love. It was tiny. It was light. It was oh-so-slick and new. The battery snapped in beautifully. I plugged it in. I turned it on. I ran my projector through it. It worked! It really really worked! No fiddling. No fussing. No midnight calls to my daughter, begging for help. It fits in my purse. It even comes with its own little neoprene cover. I wanted to cry.

Now, if only the monkey would let me use it…

I want a monkey pc!

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You know what I’m talking about…the eee pc by Asus. Sounds like a monkey when you say it quickly!

They are cute as a bug and tiny. How I’ve dreamed of owning a tiny laptop – one that’s really portable – for doing school visits and lugging to the property. The eee pc is exactly that. It’s literally the size of a small pocketbook. And it won’t put a dent in yours.

And it’s got a lot of muscle for a little pc. My daughter rushed out and bought one the minute I told her about it. She’s got it programmed with a “cube” option that allows her to run four different screens at once, with four windows running on each screen. You just flip the cube to access stuff on the other screens. It’s brilliant.

The thing is, try to find a monkey pc with 8gb in black. And, according to the scuttlebutt, Asus is coming out with a newer version with a slightly bigger screen and more storage. So I’m tempted to wait and see how the monkey evolves…

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