All we want is life beyond Thunderdome…

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After four years of inclement weather, our dome tent finally collapsed. I suppose it was inevitable but it was a shock nonetheless to see it in a heap of twisted metal and torn fabric. Thunderdome is no more.

So now we need to find a new place to put our portable toilet. Yes, we could build an outhouse and we’ve been talking about it for years. But our property seems to be solid bedrock across the board. It doesn’t make for easy hole digging, that’s for sure. And the small holes we’ve managed to dig over the years fill instantly with water whenever it rains, creating little pools not at all suitable for waste disposal.

Sometimes, we get wild ideas about installing an incinerating toilet, or even building a composting toilet complete with red worms like the woman who runs Solviva down in the US. That would be nice.

But for now, it’s the portable lu. Where will we put it?

I know Thunderdome was just a screened tent, but it afforded a kind of sanctuary, a separate kind of peace out there in the woods. Now we get rained on as we do our business. And it’s less than comforting to sit unprotected in the impenetrable forest darkness should nature call after sunset. Still, the luggable lu is better than nothing at all, which is what we had for the first few years. So now, all we can do is sigh and hum a few bars in tribute as we think deep thoughts in the rain…

…We don’t need another he-ro…all we want is life be-yond… Thunderdome…

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