Happy New Year!

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This is a funny time of year. A time of introspection and mild wonder. Where has the year gone?

I’m not alone when I say that 2007 was an absolute whirlwind. It’s not just my imagination when I say that time, in general, is speeding up. It’s not just a consequence of getting older, either. I’ve spoken to very young children who feel the same way. They tell me they never have time to do the things they really want to do. So why is that?

I could say that we’ve packed so many obligations and responsibilities into our lives that we have no room to turn. But haven’t we always done that? I mean, my time is more my own now than it ever has been. So why are the days whizzing past on the calendar?

It’s a simple matter of physics. If you paid attention in physics class, you will remember that time, as we understand it, is a property of gravity. The greater the force of gravity, the slower time seems to be.

As far as we humans know, the greatest gravitational density in the universe exists in black holes, those mysterious interstellar conduits. If you were to observe an astronaut falling into a black hole, time would seem to slow down to the point where you would never actually see the astronaut fall in.

Conversely, if gravitational forces are diminishing, wouldn’t time seem to speed up?

If our little planet were to shift ever so slightly on its axis, couldn’t that account for our feeling that time is actually speeding up? And if time should speed up exponentially, couldn’t it ultimately become so fast that everything would in fact seem to be motionless, like the wings of a hummingbird?

This leads me to consider the humble gnome. Gnomes exist at a vibrational level much slower than our own, which is why some people see them (such as the woman in Britain who receives gardening advice from her resident gnomes) and some people don’t. It also explains why gnomes live to be 300 years old.

If time were to speed up to a point where everything appeared to slow down, suddenly all sorts of fantastical things would begin to happen: dragons would appear in the skies, gnomes and faeries would manifest in the garden, ghosts and goblins would share space at the dinner table, and Nessy, that famed phantasm of Scottish waters, would surface.

Those who know, understand that these beings have always shared our planet. Doubters would attribute the phenomena to some sort of mass hysteria.

Most people live in horizontal time. Horizontal time is subject to gravity and many other influences, which is why nearly everyone you know is complaining about the fleeting nature of time.

The key to divine wisdom and thus enlightenment is to live in vertical time, or timelessness. Yogis throughout the ages understood this. As do gnomes – who undoubtedly practice yoga.

So if you want to reclaim your time and see gnomes, my advice is to practice yoga, preferably Kundalini yoga. There’s no time like the present!

Happy 2008 to All!

Love and Gnomes,


Winter Wonderland

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Our week at the cabin was the quintessential Canadian winter experience: spending a week in the snowy woods with nothing but a wood stove and a propane lantern to keep us warm.

After hauling all our things up the lane in our special sled, we settled in and lit the fire. The snow began to fall as we prepared supper and talked about the week ahead. What would we try to accomplish?

Obviously, we couldn’t build the mud room as we had planned. There was no snow in the city, but here we were up to our knees in it. So we decided to gather wood – deadfall trees that would otherwise rot. We never gather all the deadfall. Just what we need to keep us warm in the winter. The rest we leave to the earth and the animals that depend on them for housing and food.

When we weren’t gathering wood, we were snowshoeing or gazing at the night sky, searching for falling stars. There were so many, in fact, that we planted our garden chairs in the snow one night and watched the show for nearly an hour. Nature’s fireworks. It was spectacular!

Inside the cabin, sitting by the fire, it was hard to motivate ourselves beyond a rousing game of Scrabble. Even then, things got silly, with words like “Ewok Dinner” forming as our interest and game integrity waned.

Half-way through the week, we ran out of water.

Down to the pond with the axe. We chopped a hole in the eight-inch thick ice and watched as the water gushed up to fill the void. Peering into the hole, we were surprised by the sudden appearance of a bullfrog tadpole, wriggling up from the darkness in search of the sun.

It was with great reluctance that we packed to return home. Thankfully, a big storm hit the night we arrived back, transforming the sombre city into a winter wonderland.

The kittens were nestled, all snug in their beds

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Is there anything more comforting than the sight of a sleeping cat? It’s freezing outside but I feel nice and warm inside because my cute little cat has taken to sleeping in my office.

He started spending more time in my office after I tore my little space off the kitchen apart and moved it to my daughter’s old room. I haven’t gotten around to organizing anything so my office is just a jumble of papers, boxes and plastic bins full of fabric and heaven knows what. The stack of plastic bins allow my cat to sleep right at desk level where he can watch the printer and other office goings on, as well as look out the window at falling ice and the occasional squirrel that flies past his field of vision.

I put a small hand towel on top of the bins and he loves to fight with the towel, roughing it up and biting it whenever the feeling moves him. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a cat!

A Thing of Beauty

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My friend Akka gave me this incredible bowl for my birthday. It’s carved from the burl of a red maple tree. What a beautiful, magical thing it is.

When I brought the bowl home and took it out of the bag, it began to glow like the ring from Lord of the Rings. The light seemed to come from inside it. And my old wooden dining room table just embraced it when I placed the bowl on top.

The bowl has an energy all its own – something unique and organic and alive. It was made by a craftsman named Don Stinson from Tamworth, Ontario. Everything he makes is stunning but this bowl in particular caught my eye. I had to rush out and purchase clementines for it to hold. It’s a match made in heaven.

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