Little shed in the woods

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So much depends upon the little shed, built on stones, in the middle of the woods. I know, I know, it’s just a shed. But it isn’t just a shed! It’s our peace of mind, storing all our tools and machines and paint and brushes and things. And it keeps our wood dry. At long last, somewhere to store our firewood.

We set out this summer to build a shed. I read books, looked at designs. I put pen to paper and came up with this design, keeping in mind our desire to use materials we’ve warehoused over the last year: old doors, scrap wood, leftovers.

The truly gratifying thing about the shed is not that we did manage to build it, but that it turned out exactly as we had imagined it would. This really hit home the other day when I opened the drawer on the little table in our cabin and the plans for the shed slid to the front of the drawer. There, in blue ballpoint pen, was a small line drawing of the shed, looking exactly as its real life counterpart in the woods. It was a such a satisfying feeling to know that our intentions were realized so perfectly.

So yes, it’s just a shed, but anyone who has set out to build something from scratch will appreciate our pleasure. Even better, our cabin is now free to be a cabin. No more stepping over circular saws and bags of insulation. How cozy it is!

Daylight Savings

November 6th, 2007 § Comments Off on Daylight Savings § permalink

Okay, now that it’s black at five o’clock, it’s time to crack out the Wii once again. Yes, I stood in line at 3 in the morning with my daughter so we could purchase a Wii. We played like crazy for six months and then the nice weather came. So we forgot about it. But now the bad weather is here again so it’s GAME TIME!!! Woooohoooo!

Wii wasn’t the only thing we gave up over the summer. We cashed in our cable as well. But now that there’s more night than day, I miss the odd show, like Ugly Betty and the 11 o’clock news. So we went out and bought an old fashioned set of rabbit ears. We get 6 stations now! And we don’t have to pay a cent!! Isn’t that great?! That’s what I call daylight savings. Now, if only I could convince the cleaning fairy to come visit my office…

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