burnt out ends of smokey days

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Well, it seems that summer is over. You can feel the shift in energy as lazy days grind into more purposeful times. That’s right, kids, it’s back to school!

Please, don’t all cheer at once.

Here’s a confession: I used to love back-to-school. I loved the gathering of tools: notebooks and brand-new boxes of pencil crayons (or colored pencils if you’re from the US), protractors and lovely squishy pink erasers. Sometimes, we even got new shoes. What a glorious time!

And there was the hope of something better. Climbing up the ladder of achievement. With each year, we were that much more advanced, that much more privileged than the poor saps entering the grades below us, that much closer to finishing!

Of course there was the social aspect as well. Summer was low on drama. But school! The drama never ceased. So-and-so broke off with so-and-so because so-and-so found so-and-so making out with so-and-so. How did we get anything done? It was hard to stay in our seats, the fiery maples waving invitingly outside the windows.

But September always calls to the songbird in my heart. Hurry, the sun is low in the sky, time to fly. I hear it calling now…

Where am I?

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