Cowboy cookin’

May 27th, 2007 § Comments Off on Cowboy cookin’ § permalink

We had a wonderful time at the cabin this weekend. Totally self sufficient. First, we used a little hand pump to pump water from the rain barrel for washing up. Then we used our solar panel to trickle-charge the battery to run lights in the cabin. But the best thing of all was cooking dinner over the open fire with our dutch ovens and tripod, just like cowboys of old used to do. It’s amazing how good food tastes when you cook this way. Mmmmmm….so satisfying. And the smoke from the fire kept the bugs at bay.

This one is for Cathy

May 12th, 2007 § Comments Off on This one is for Cathy § permalink

Hey, there’s nothing going on, so don’t bug me for an update on my blog! You know who you are…

I’m up to my ears in work, as usual. It’s like struggling through quicksand. I think I’m making progress, but when I look up I realize I’m actually mired even deeper. *sigh*

So I took a break and goofed around on Facebook. It’s way too much fun. I never join things because they are too distracting, but Facebook is like taking a little holiday without having to leave your desk. Yes, my desk really looks like this. Okay, time to clean it…hehe…

Where am I?

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