Got snow…

January 21st, 2007 § Comments Off on Got snow… § permalink

We were thrilled to discover a perfectly unbroken blanket of snow up at the cabin this weekend. Brian had packed our snowshoes just in case, so he was especially happy. We decided to skip work and explore the land, trekking deep into the wetlands.

We were also surprised to discover that some gentle person had cleared the snow from the front of our laneway. What a kind thing to do. Usually, the snow from the plough is three feet high and hardened to ice, making it impossible to enter. In those cases, we park on the road and Brian hauls our gear all the way up to the cabin with a sled. It usually takes about four or five trips to unload the car. We suspect our neighbour, Gord, must have done us this kind favour. We’ll have to stop by next time we’re up with something good to drink.

It was 18 below this weekend, so it was difficult to keep our uninsulated cabin warm. We had the Aspen jumping, but it couldn’t possibly keep pace with the cold. The floor is just plywood right now. It’s draughty! If anyone knows the secret to keeping cabin floors warm, please let us know!

Even though the temperature in our cabin was – 5 C in the morning, we wouldn’t have traded our night on the land for anything. The new moon allowed us to see the stars like never before. They glittered like jewels in the sky, the constellations standing out against the darkness as though placed there for our pleasure alone. We felt like the only two people on earth, bundled beneath the duvet, lying next to the fire.

Eating was a vital and frequent part of this trip!

Wild Mices!

January 7th, 2007 § Comments Off on Wild Mices! § permalink

We found five of these little guys when we opened our “mouse proof” bin. Their mother had made a nest inside one of our camp chairs. Needless to say, the chair is a write-off. But the mice were very cute. Tiny and round and fuzzy. They were young so they didn’t even try to get away when we found them. They just sat their, shivering in the cold. So we moved them to a nice leafy stump where they could snuggle together and hide from the numerous owls that hang around our land.

Of course, should any “cute and fuzzies” decide to show their faces inside the cabin it will be a different story. We will gently escort them back outside and encourage them not to return. And if they do, well, they may have to meet our cat, Bosco.

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