Monkey love

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I love sock monkeys. They are cute and cuddly and they’re made out of…well…socks. I made these guys a little while ago because all I really wanted when I was a kid was a sock monkey. My cousin had one but I didn’t. I used to grab it whenever I went to my cousin’s place. Once, I was so wrapped up playing with the monkey in the basement that my mother couldn’t find me and so went home on my aunt’s advice and left me in Burlington. I was thrilled because I got to stay at my cousin’s for a whole week before my mum could come pick me up and I didn’t have to go to school either! Hehe! Of course I got yelled at when I finally surfaced from the basement. But it was worth it.

Book week and Nintendo Wii

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I just got back from a whirlwind tour of Quebec, presenting at schools and libraries to some amazing groups of kids. I was so impressed by the calibre of the students! They were smart, engaging, enthusiastic and fun. What more could a writer ask of her readers?

There were some interesting moments as well that only made the trip that much more memorable. Like the cab ride where the driver didn’t know where we were going and asked me to look it up on the map while he proceeded to careen down the highway, missing turnoffs and hitting himself in the head, yelling, “I’m so MAD at myself!” Or the other cab driver who boasted of knowing his way like no other, only to drop me off at the wrong hotel. I had to walk with all my stuff to the hotel where I was actually staying because I refused to pay for another cab! But what’s a trip without some weird stuff to talk about when you get home?

All in all, the experience was a positive one. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Montreal is a fabulous city and yes, I brought home fresh bagels from Fairmount. In fact, I could barely lift my suitcase for the bagels!

But now to the Wii…

My daughter has been dreaming of the Wii since its inception. Yep, it’s the game system to own and it’s in hot demand. After waiting in four separate line-ups in one day, my daughter asked me for help. We both discovered that Zellers was receiving an unadvertised shipment this morning and Wes wanted me to wait with her in the Zellers parking lot at 4:00 in the morning so we could get the jump on other Wii hunters. It was actually fun waiting for the doors to open and we were lucky that the manager of the store near us was kind enough to let us wait inside the vestibule. By six o’clock, he handed out tickets and we scattered to the warmth of our homes to wait in comfort for the store to open.

The Wii is everything Nintendo has been promising and more. What fun it is to actually be able to box with your opponent, swing an air golf club, bowl, play Zelda!! This is the most exciting system to come out in a very long time and parents will love it too! You can actually get a workout boxing because you have to punch and move your body to move your character on the screen. Heehee!


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I first heard about orbs when my sister Monika and I attended a workshop run by a young energy healer from Vancouver named Adam. The workshop was interesting, but the most fascinating part was his talk on orbs. Adam had no real explanation for them, only that they exist and can be caught on film. He did say that he believes they can be used in healing.

When I got home from the workshop, I googled orbs and found an entire subculture of people obsessed with these mysterious creatures. Believed to be everything from ghosts to plant spirits, healers, fairy folk and the like, orbs mostly manifest as balls of light energy that range in size, shape and colour. Some are big and round, while others are bright and streak through the air like comets.

As soon as Brian and I purchased a camera, I began hunting for orbs. My first few attempts came up empty, but since then, I have documented thousands of these little balls of light in my apartment and especially up on the land. I don’t know what they are yet, but I’m sure they are benign. Brian has one that seems to follow him. There are several that hang out in our cabin. One in particular seems to have shown up since we started to build. Now that the woodstove is in place, we have a little collection of orbs that hover around the fire like a school of fish.

People dismiss orbs as little more than dust in the air, or raindrops, or snow. But anyone who has filmed orbs knows that they have a different appearance altogether. Rain, snow and dust look entirely different on film. The photos I’ve taken have been on clear days and nights, with no snow or rain. If the orbs were in fact dust, why wouldn’t they be present all the time? And, if you take photos in series, as I do, you may capture orbs in one frame, but come up empty in the next twenty. So what are they?

Many debunkers point to the nature of point and shoot digital cameras for an answer. The flash, being positioned close to the lense, catches particles in the air and illuminates them, giving them a ghostly appearance. Mostly, I’m fine with this explanation. But some of the orbs I’ve caught actually show upward motion, and have been filmed moving across the frame like comets (as mentioned before). This could be a bug, I suppose, but I’m hoping for a better explanation, or at least more proof. Until then, I’ll just keep looking at the photos and resist drawing any conclusions, paranormal or otherwise.

Good clean fun

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Hey, if you want some good clean fun that you can even share with your parents, check out Naomi Jardine’s comic strip, Flatland at

It’s funny and cute and thoughtful, all at once. I love it!

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