We have babies!

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Work on the cabin continues. We are getting so close we don’t want to slow down. In fact, we are so close to occupying the building that it was time to christen the cabin with a name.

I wasn’t actively thinking about it, really. I had backburnered the notion a while ago, put it on simmer. The naming of things is an activity that can’t be forced. So I was delighted when a name suddenly popped into my head one day while driving. “The Nest.”

My husband thought it was cute so the name has stuck. I don’t know where it came from. I choose not to cipher the origins of such things. But we couldn’t help being surprised when we arrived at the cabin the next weekend and discovered a beautiful, perfect little nest with three tiny white eggs in the rafters of the building. What an affirmation for us!

Unfortunately, the momma bird was very skittish and would dart away every time we stepped out of our tent. We treaded lightly, so as not to disturb her too much, but after four days of watching her darting and abandoning her nest, we had little hope that the eggs would actually hatch.

Imagine our joy when we arrived this weekend to find three screeching chicks crowded in the nest. A mere three weeks ago these tiny birds were even tinier eggs. Now they are bursting with life, with feathered wings and yellow mouths bigger than their own heads. We watched with admiration and wonder as the parents zipped back and forth, mere blurs in the sky, catching insects for their voracious offspring.

Needless to say, our building schedule has been put on hold until further notice. We hope the babies are careful around that roofing nail!

Of course the first thing we did when we got home was to indentify the species of bird. After much surfing on the net, we found our feathered friends: Eastern Phoebe, a type of flycatcher. We look forward to watching our little family grow!

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