Bosco, beads and more beads…

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Somehow, I have acquired another cat. His name is Bosco. He’s a tuxedo manx, built like a little bulldog and cute as a button. Actually, I know exactly how he came to be in our house. I’m a pushover. My daughter is working at a pet hotel and told me about Bosco. He’d been left at the hotel by his owner and the woman who runs the hotel wanted to find a home for him. So here we are.

It’s taken some getting used to having another personality in the house. My two cats were definitely not amused. There were late-night brawls that would wake the entire house. This lasted about two weeks. Things seem to be settling down, though the Brown (aka Prince Buster)is still skulking around looking to pick a fight.

My husband has been quite stresed out by the situation. I have chosen to occupy my time with beading. It started as a light distraction and now I can’t seem to stop. I blame the ladies at the new bead shop down the street. They’re so friendly and they have all the right stuff. Now my desk is covered in little clear plastic packages of beads. I’m making necklaces for everyone, including my husband. Bosco may be next…

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